what is The Rocket-Sports Tee?

The Rocket-Sports Tee is the first spring-fed baseball tee designed to reinforce proper hitting mechanics and increase muscle memory. Designed with patent-pending spring loaded technology and state of the art tee top apparatus, this tee allows a user to reload the tee simply by stepping on the foot lever as well as pick up baseballs without bending over. The Rocket-Sports Tee can hold, feed, and transport 12 baseballs for its user. The Rocket-Sports Tee is as easy as "swing, step, swing, repeat!".

Rocket-Sports Tee

features & technology

spring-loaded tech

The Rocket-Sports Tee foot pedal allows the user to reload the state of the art tee apparatus with a quick step of their foot!

portable/easy to transport

The Rocket-Sports Tee’s lightweight material and foldable design make it easy to store and transport!


Custom slots built into side of PVC base tube allows the tee to adjust up or down to one of the three settings - 31", 33" or 35"


designed with a combination or PVC/Steel/Rubber, The Rocket-Sports Tee was built to last!

speed & Efficiency

Hit 12 baseballs in ~75% less time!

indoor/outdoor use

Designed to be used in indoor or outdoor settings!

Designed to improve

The Rocket-Sports Tee was designed to help hitters improve their muscle memory and mechanics by maximizing the amount their swings per minute (SPM).

built-in storage

12 baseballs fit and are safely stored in the tee base!


You only need 1 individual to operate The Rocket-Sports Tee -- there is no longer a need to do tee work with two people!

Dimensions & Specs

Other Specifications:

  • The Rocket-Sports Tee, empty, weighs 4 lbs. With 12 baseballs, it weighs 8 lbs.
  • When folded, The Rocket-Sports Tee measures 34” in height and 41/2” in width.
  • Made of a combination of PVC/Rubber/Steel
  • Tube is made of ABS black pipe
  • Spring is lightweight steel measuring 0.072" thick diameter
  • Spring releases .33 lb of pressure per baseball
  • Tripod legs measure 16 1/2" in length
  • The Rocket-Sports Tee collapsed is 34" long tip to tail
  • Fully open Tripod legs have 17 1/2" radius
  • Maximum ball setting height 37"
  • Minimum ball setting height 31"

The “Speed Test”

The Challenge: How long does it take an individual to hit
12 baseballs off of a standard tee versus a The Rocket-Sports Tee?

The Competitor
Time Per Swing:

Avg. of 4 seconds per swing

Total Time: 48 seconds

Time Per Swing:

Avg. of 8.167 seconds per swing

Total Time: 1 minute 38 seconds


The Rocket-Sports Tee was 4+ seconds faster per
swing and 50 seconds faster overall, a
104.167% increase in efficiency

New Tri Top Ball Holder